I did it!!!

I finally did it!  I bucked up and signed up for my first triathlon!!!

I’ve been thinking about racing a triathlon for quite some time and finally committed to it.  I signed up for the Tinman Triathlon which is offering a long course (1000-Meter Swim – 19-Mile Bike – 7-Mile Run) and a short course (400-Meter Swim – 13-Mile Bike – 3.1-Mile Run).  Since this is my first one, I decided on the short course to get my feet wet (so to speak).

I’ve been consistent with my running, but not so much with my cycling and swimming, so it’s definitely time to get serious as I only have about a month and a half before the race.  I’m going to be taking my bike in here (hopefully tomorrow), to get it tuned up since it’s been sitting for  a little while.  I’ve never had any experience with this shop, so hopefully it will be a good one!

Sunday I’m going to be taking a triathlon swim clinic held by the Manhattan Marlins.  I was supposed to take this clinic several weeks ago, but it had to be rescheduled due to a thunderstorm, so I’m even more excited for it!  Time to get to work!

Rock The Parkway Half Marathon

With everything happening in Boston, I didn’t really feel like writing this post right away.  This past Saturday was the Rock the Parkway half marathon in Kansas City.  Last year, this was my first ever half marathon, and it was a great experience.  I haven’t run a half since, so with running the same course for my second, I had high expectations to PR.  Didn’t happen.

The morning of the race was COLD.  35 Degrees and a whole lot of chilly.  Luckily I checked the forecast beforehand, so I had my thermal running gear packed.  The race started at 0730, so we got there with plenty of time at 0700.  Plenty of time to park, use the porta potties and get into my wave.


Leigh always loves taking pictures with me

Last year, the half marathon was only open to about 3,500, but I think a little over 4,000 ran.  This year, the half was open to 5,500 runners, so they decided to do a wave start (side note- brilliant idea).  Your wave was determined by the estimated finish time you gave upon registering.  You could move back to a slower wave if you wanted, but not up to a faster one.  The waves went from A-G.  I was in B wave which was 1:50 and 1:55 expected finish times.

I started with the 1:50 pacers as I did last year to keep myself from going out too fast, with every intention of picking it up later in the race.  Again, didn’t happen.  I stayed with the pacers until about mile 7 before falling away.  Physically and mentally I was just not on top of my game.  I felt extremely fatigued, my feet, calves and knees were screaming at me, and I was having a hard time keeping myself motivated.  114205-574-034h

One thing I started pondering while running is why I let mental games get the best of me.  I know I have the ability to accomplish what I set out to do, I know it’s going to hurt and I just need to push through it, so why do I give in to the negative thoughts?  I get so frustrated when I do.  One thought swirling around that did help me push through a bit was, I have so many people who believe in me, so why can’t I just believe in myself?  I really need to start working on my mental game.

I took an energy gel  at mile 4, mile 8, and had intended to take one at mile 10ish as well, but never took it.  I started feeling really nauseated around mile 9/10ish, and actually had some upchuck rise in the back of my throat.  Yes, you’re welcome for that tidbit.  I also made sure I had either water and/or gatorade at every station (though that probably equaled about 2oz. every station).

One thing I love about this particular race are the spectators… especially within the last few miles.  The energy they give off is literally infectious.  It gives that extra boost towards the end, and really gets the adrenalin going.  114205-169-025h

A.D.D. moment, how the heck do you run in regular glasses?  Oh, and get outta my shot miss Amanda. 114205-256-004h

My official chip time was 1:52:38.8.  I had hoped to do better, but given how I was feeling, I’ll take it.

I felt horrible once I was finished, extremely nauseated, so I didn’t eat anything.  I found this to be a crime, as RTP has a great after race set up.  So much food!  Again, not one of my best life decisions as I literally almost passed out about 40mins later (probably because I still hadn’t eaten anything).

The medals, like last year, were amazing, and the shirts this year were a huge improvement from last year’s.  Last year’s shirts (though still nice that they were technical t’s), had weird stitching at the shoulders, so it looks like you’re wearing shoulder pads when you have it on, and I’m not trying to channel any 80’s styles here.  Plus it was white, and white and me just don’t do well together.  DSCF3818

This year’s shirts were amazing.  Nike Dry Fit, light and comfortable, and an awesome blue color.  DSCF3823


Though I didn’t perform as well as I had hoped, it is still one of my favorite races, and I plan on making it an annual one!


I couldn’t bring myself to write anything on Boston for the past couple days.

I did not run the marathon, I was not there, I did not personally know anyone who was (outside of some bloggers I follow).  Yet this hit so close to home for me.  It took everything I had not to start crying at work when I first heard the news; however, once home and in doing more research about the tragic events, I broke down.

I have yet to run the distance, but it is on my life list to run the three major marathons: Chicago, New York and yes, Boston.  As the  “what ifs” started swirling about, and in looking at the pictures and watching the vidoes, it occurred to me that I probably would have finished the marathon in about 4hrs had I run.  It hit me that, just as he was this weekend for my half marathon, my husband could have been waiting to cheer me on at the finish.  The thought sent chills down my spine and made my stomach drop.

For me, these were all just “what ifs”, but for many others, this was their reality.  Friends, family and loved ones experiencing a horror we could only hope our imaginations will not wonder to.

In the wake of this terror, it has dawned on me, like it has so many others, the extreme bond runners have to one another.  It is a bond, a brotherhood and sisterhood of hundreds of thousands of strangers, not found in any other sport.  We runners are of a different breed.  No matter the extent of experience or the level of accomplishment, we are a group, a family who give each other our unfailing support and encouragement.  We have an understanding of one another which many are conscious of, but are unable to fully comprehend.

We will stand together, we will not lose hope, and as always, we will persevere.

I am so thankful I live in an area with such a fantastic running community.  Yesterday evening, the Manhattan Running Company held a group run in honor of those affected in Boston.  They printed special bibs for the run.  644210_10152873104485727_719130420_n

Many wore race shirts, and/or the Boston Marathon colors in support.  45283_10151522880687978_347650563_n

Picture from the MRC facebook page

I did not run with anyone during this group run.  I did not bring music, I did not even bring a watch.  It wasn’t about time, it wasn’t about pace.  It was a personal way of having some quiet time to reflect and honor those who were entangled in the tragedy.

You are in our prayers Boston, as we stand United.

Dog-N-Jog Race Review

I’m definitely one of those people whose pet is their child.  Especially since my husband and I do not have kids yet, Kiera has always been our baby since the day we got her. SSPX0274

On the car ride home

Leigh and I have been talking for quite a while about getting Kiera a companion, and though I was extremely apprehensive, we decided it would be a really good thing for her.  Bring in Kimber!IMG00329-20130330-1359

Kimber was 9 weeks old when we got him (he’s 10 weeks now!), and he’s a perfect fit into our family.  Kiera was not impressed when we first brought him home, even though Kimber instantly loved her.  He would cuddle up next to her and she would literally look in the opposite direction and ignore him.


Kiera giving Leigh the ‘wtf did you do?’ look on the ride home

It took Kiera a couple days to come out of her only-child-syndrome depression, but they’ve been growing closer and closer all week.

Yesterday was the 18th Annual Dog-N-Jog held by K-State’s College of Veterinary Medicine.  I had never run this race prior to today, but thought it would be a great way to spend some one-on-one time with Kiera while doing something we both love.  (I know… I’m sounding like that crazy cat lady.  I warned you).


The race options were 10K, 5K, or 1.5mi fun run.  Even though I haven’t run with Kiera for a little while, I decided on the 10K (more bang for my buck!).  It was a smaller race, only 32 for the 10K, 132 for the 5K, and 67 for the 1.5mi fun run.  The 10K & 5K raced the same loop, but the 10K runners performed it twice.  I have running A.D.D., so I normally don’t like multiple loop runs, but the course was nice (all sidewalks), and since it only looped twice, it wasn’t bad at all.

There were a lot of dogs for the race (though honestly I was expecting there to be a little more), so things seemed a little hectic at the start.  You didn’t have to run with a dog in the race (though many did.. which was kinda the point), so I was surprised at the number of people without a 4-legged running buddy.  The race started on time and in all the excitement, we took off a little too fast.  It took Kiera about the first .5mi to get used to running on the leash again, but after that, we fell into our usual pace with each other.

There were a couple of water stations throughout the course, and plenty of course help to tell you where to turn (in addition to having the course marked with chalk), and to aid with traffic.  With a nice mix of small inclines and some declines throughout, and with only having to stop twice for Kiera to potty, we did ok for ourselves.

At the finish, there were tables with water, fruit, doughnuts, subs, and granola bars.  They did have a little kiddie pool for the dogs to cool off in afterwards, but no treats to refuel the pooches with (at least non that I saw).  They had an awards ceremony after all the runners had finished with prizes for the top 3 male & female runners, as well as awards for the dogs (i.e. smallest, tallest, oldest, youngest, etc.).  It took a while for them to start the awards ceremony, so we left after the running awards.

All things put together, it was a fun little race with the pooch, with the great running community of Manhattan, KS.

Milford 10/10 2013

Yesterday was the Milford 10/10, which is a 10K and 10mile trail race held at Milford State Park.  This was the second year the race was held by the Manhattan Running Company, and like last year, they had an amazing course.  They had mentioned prior to the race they had changed the course slightly for this year, but the only changes I noticed were in the final mile or two of the course.  This (to me) was a good thing, because I really enjoyed the course last year, and the changes I noticed at the end were all positive ones.

I decided not the run with my camera this year (read I forgot my camera completely), so the only pics I have are a couple shots Leigh took at the end on his phone.  Blogging brilliance at its finest!

The race didn’t start until 0900, which was nice since it was raining earlier in the morning and was a bit chilly.  Leigh and I arrived a little after 0830, which gave me plenty of time to use the porta potties and warm up.  The race started on time, with Trey explaining the course markings and split-off right before the starting shot.  Both the 10K and 10mile courses started together for about the first 4.5miles, before splitting off into their own separate courses.  The two courses then met back up and both finished along the same maybe .5mi of trail.

There didn’t seem to be quite the turnout as last year, but being that it had been calling for rain and possible t-storms all week for yesterday, I can imagine that there might have been some runners who decided not to join.  It had rained earlier in the morning, but had stopped around 0730ish and surprisingly, the course was not as muddy and slick as I had anticipated.  The course was tough since I have not really been doing any trail running, but it was a nice mixture of both trails and a bit of pasture-like areas, so I was able to catch a small break at those parts.

Unnamed copy 2

Unnamed copy

My official chip time was 1:43:56, which I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with.  I did place 3rd in F 20-29 though, which I was pretty excited about.  There were only 12 women and 31 people total running the 10mile course, and 24 total running the 10K course, so again, it was a smaller race.45588_600669229960668_1322245763_n

The only thing in the race I found a little disappointing was the finish.  At last year’s race, there was fruit and granola bars as well as some prizes being raffled afterwards.  Being that it was a smaller race though, they may not have had the funds to do a whole lot this year.  The only thing I saw at the finish for this year was a few coolers with water and Gatorade, but to have that as the only hitch to a race, they’re doing quite a good job.

For an entire event though, as a whole, I had a blast and plan to continue running this race each year.

Our New Addition!

This morning was the Milford 10/10, which is a 10mile and 10K trail race.  This was the second year the race was held, and just as last year, the course was amazing.  I’ll write a full review on the race a little later, but my calves have still banned me from speaking of the torture I put them through today.

More importantly, the exciting news I have to share is….



Kiera got a little brother today!  We named him Kimber!  He’s about 9 weeks old, and we absolutely adore him!  He is the perfect new addition to our family!